Sustainability represents a fundamental pillar in terms of growth and market development. Our business model is based on a dual approach of sustainability and innovation and this successful combination has helped us achieve the principal goals of the Road Map 2050 well in advance, thus positioning us as a pioneer in Tissue Valley .

Our commitment to improving the way we use environmental resources is of utmost importance. At Industrie Celtex, we took the decision to contribute in a concrete and responsible way towards safeguarding the environment, an approach that is engrained in the company’s culture and is an integral element of the business strategy.

In practical terms, it means an intelligent and efficient use of raw materials, machines and processes, with the objective of maintaining and improving the quality of life of both the people and environments involved in our business. This is done through a responsible lens that looks towards the future.

At Industrie Celtex, carbon neutrality is an important goal and one we work towards continuously reducing the CO2 emissions associated with every tonne of paper produced and the energy requirements of our production sites.

We have implemented a sustainable production model, based around recovering and recycling energy through a virtuous circle that has allowed us to achieve 55% energy consumption in our production sites and a significant reduction of 75% in CO2 in the atmosphere. This sustainable and vertical approach is applied not only in the paper mills but also our processing premises, where over 1900 photovoltaic panels contribute to energy generation.

Research, development and innovation combine to look after the environment

For a number of years, Industrie Celtex has been taking concrete steps to reduce the impact of our business activity on the environment, and our sustainable business model means we have achieved the main goals set out in the Road Map 2050 many years in advance.

In 2021, we were named among the top 100 companies in the inaugural edition of the Sustainability Award, promoted by Credit Suisse and Kon Group.

Research, development and innovation








From fibres obtained from responsibly-farmed forests to the correct usage of forest resources during the transformation process, Industrie Celtex takes every step necessary to ensure our products are rigorously monitored at every point of the entire supply chain. This means that we can proudly offer our clients and end consumers certified, ethical and sustainable solutions that are fully traceable in terms of their provenance.

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