Megamini Revolver

A recurring dilemma for custodians is the substitution of an unfinished jumbo roll: substitute the roll wasting precious meters, or or leave the roll surprising the next user at the most inopportune time?

Megamini Revolver
, the latest dispenser developed by Industrie Celtex, resolves the problem.
Megamini Revolver is the first captive system compact toilet rolls that assures the autonomy of a maxi jumbo and the continuity of sheets without waste.
Over 300 meters of autonomy to guarantee a continuative service and optimize costs compared to traditional jumbo rolls.
The system uses three soft domestic toilet rolls fixed like the cylinder of a revolver, which revolves with the force of gravity to substitute the finished roll.
The system is combined with our FLUTECH® technology, an innovative formula that dissolves toilet paper in 9 seconds, guaranteeing safe use and clog-free drainage pipes without the use of enzymes