Touch Color

Inspired by the wave and softness of the cloth, Infibra offers a wide range of napkins in pure cellulose, a benchmark in the international market for a variety of colours, dimensions and embossings.
The sizes follow the whole course of the day: the 17x17 is ideal with the early morning croissant, the 25x25 for brunch and aperitif, the 30x30 and 33x33 combine for lunch away from home, while the 38x38 and 40x40 serve the main meals of the day.
The touch quality belonging to Infibra Touch Colour napkins is due to the social patented embossing “Touch System”: a traditional perimetrical wave is implemented with a production process, where the fibres are uniformed through a delicate mechanic procedures to render the surface homogeneous and similar to a cloth.