Save Plus

The Save Plus range enables to save money without compromising on Celtex guarantee of quality. The paper mill exclusively use of quality raw material, such as converting trimming from pulp production, guarante 75% degrees of whiteness.
No polluting waste and sludge result from manufacturing. Save Plus, saves the environment and saves money, thanks to Ecolabel, PEFC certifications and extremely competitive positioning.
Save Plus range of products spans from industrial rolls to the toilet area, where daily consumption is high. The line designs range from wipers, mini and maxi jumbo rolls, folded hand towels and bulk toilet paper.
Industrie Celtex dedication for innovation allows to produce on average 92 Kg of tissue with 100 Kg of converting trimmings. The innovative production process allows to save energy, more then 25% compared to previous recycled products. Due to no bleaching or chlorine chemicals used during the production process, Save Plus is the smart option for a quality product that is respecting the environment.