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Megamini Revolver, the revolutionary system for toilet paper

Megamini Revolver, the last "Patent pending" dispenser with gravitational operation. Designed in Celtex industries to ensure autonomy of jumbo rolls without wasting.

What's the matter? 
A recurring dilemma for operators of cleaning companies is the replacement of a jumbo roll not completely finished: replace the roll wasting the last meters still available or wait for it to run out leaving someone without product on the most delicate moments?

The solution

Revolver, the last dispenser born in Industrie Celtex, solves the problem. Revolver is the first captive system for MIDI toilet paper that ensures the autonomy of a maxi jumbo and the continuity of service without wasting.

More than 300 meters of autonomy to guarantee a continuous service and costs in use optimization, compared to the traditional jumbo rolls.

The system houses three rolls of soft MIDI toilet paper anchored to the Revolver cylinder, which replaces the finished roll by force of gravity.