As an alternative to textile tablecloths and their relative handling, comprised of renting or purchasing, washing, ironing, and related environmental impacts, Infibra reveals the secret of a perfect table: a single-use of excellence, like a business card for your establishment.

Maximun quality control
, a vast choice of colours, formats, and damasked motifs for an evocative game of lights and shadows permit at year-end a reduction of costs in napkins handling. In addition, the possibility to personalise with logos, motifs, and decors allow a refined and original mise en place.
thanks to the pairing of high-density PE (HDPE) over a cellulose ply, instead of cellulose on top of HDPE as is common with other cloths, the 2-ply placemats and tablecloths rolls offer a total waterproof effect.
An exclusive colouring of the tablecloth done directly on the HDPE film, and not on paper, guarantees product use in total security and without any transmigration.
Spun bonded table runners and table covers represent a refined single-use solution for the most demanding restaurants in search for an extremely resistant product.